Who is Gianna Carmona, the rumored girlfriend, of Justin Fields

Justin Fields is an American football quarterback playing for the team Chicago Bears of the National Football League.

The Chicago Bears selected fields as a top QB prospect in 2021 for a 4-year contract.

Justin Fields' is currently enjoying of his off-season with his rumored love Gianna Carmonna.

Gianna Carmona is a 21 year-old Social media influencer, and the rumored romantic partner of the chicago Bear's quarterback Justin Fields

Gianna Carmona is a Instagram model Known for her typical TikTok contents. She mainly post's picture from her travel and lifestyle.

Gianna Carmona has over 7000 followers on her Instagram

According to her Instagram Bio, Carmona, 21, is based in Arizona and Miami.

It's unclear when the couple started dating or if they really had a relationship.